Chapter 1477: Resolve

Chapter 1477: Resolve

Hei Qing’s eyes were extremely stunned as he looked at the skinny figure, who had appeared beside him, especially when he saw that the figure’s hand was gently pressing down on the red-faced old man’s head. His eyelids involuntarily twitched…

“Who are you? I am Elder Huo Zhan from the Northern Dragon Island!”

The red-faced old man’s body completely stilled at this moment. His body did not dare move even a bit. He could sense the frightening strength of the hand on his head. His heart clearly understood that his head would explode into a cluster of bloody fog if this hand gently shook…

“Just where has this monster come from? Why was I not able to sense his approach?”

The eyes of the red-faced old man continued to flicker. His expression was also rapidly changing.

“Release your hand…” Xiao Yan indifferently glanced at the old man and gave him a command.

The red-faced old man’s expression changed. He quickly rotated his eyes, “I will count to three and we will release together. What do you say?”

“Xiao Yan, kill him. He is an elite Ban Sheng from the Northern Dragon Island and has a much...

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