Chapter 1475: Threatening With A Hostage

Chapter 1475: Threatening With A Hostage

“Ha ha, good. Brother Xiao Yan is really domineering. You have actually managed to finish off these two old demons with such speed despite fighting against the two of them alone. I wonder just what kind of a commotion this will stir if this matter is transmitted back to the Beast Region.”

Yao Ming was the first to recover and laugh. His heart began to think even more highly of Xiao Yan. Although Yao Ming was an advanced two star Dou Sheng, he was not absolutely confident he could defeat Xiao Yan. Moreover, the longer Yao Ming had been in contact Xiao Yan, the more he felt that Xiao Yan was unfathomable. Xiao Yan’s strength was one of the key reasons why Yao Ming had swiftly chosen to help the Eastern Dragon Island instead of the three great dragon islands.

Xiao Yan’s current strength might only be that of an advanced one star Dou Sheng at this moment, but it was the first time that Yao Ming had met such a young one star Dou Sheng. Who could understand the limit of this kind of monstrous talent?

At his level, he not only needed to look at the current situation when befriending others, he needed to look at the other party’s potential. From the way Yao Ming saw it,...

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