Chapter 1474: Absolute Suppression

Chapter 1474: Absolute Suppression

“Young fellow, you are seeking death!”

Ying Huang’s face twitched after hearing Xiao Yan’s loudly laugh. He ended up laughing in extreme anger. The two of them had roamed unchallenged over the Dou Qi continent for many years. Everyone knew of their ferocious reputations. It was unexpected that a young fellow would actually think of stepping on their heads. This was something that their pride could not accept.

“Second brother, let’s attack together and kill him!”

Ying Huang extended an arm from his sleeve and formed a sinister dark-black eagle claw with it. His claw was five feet long and appeared like a sharp longsword. There was a slight curl to it as a frightening force quietly gathered on the edge.

Kun Huang by the side nodded with a gloomy expression after hearing these words. Black vapor surged around him, forming a strange swirl. This was their unique ultimate skill, the Devouring Spiral. With these swirls protecting their bodies, they would not receive even the slightest damage. It was considered a true absolute defence.

“Great Splitting Demon Claw!”


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