Chapter 1473: Fighting Two Saints Alone

Chapter 1473: Fighting Two Saints Alone

The empty realm was completely silent. Chaotic spatial flow surged, hiding a fatal danger…


The deafening sound of rushing wind was suddenly transmitted amid the silence. A large cluster of light surfaced from the darkness in the distance. After which, it arrived with a swift speed. The wild and violent wind it stirred caused even the chaotic spatial flow to be torn apart.

“Big sister, the three great dragon islands have attacked the Eastern Dragon Island. If they gain our help, they should be able to defeat the Eastern Dragon Island…” A black-robed elder beside the leading red-robed woman slowly opened his mouth. His voice was extremely hoarse as a kind of suction force suddenly spread from his mouth. This person was called Kun Huang. Many of his opponents had been devoured by him after being captured. His ferocious reputation was extremely well-known. Many experts would tremble in fear upon hearing his name.

“There is no need to be in such a hurry. We’ll let them fight with each other a little longer. The more deaths the better.” The eyes of the red-robed woman flickered as...

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