Chapter 1471: Heaven Demon Three Phoenix

Chapter 1471: Heaven Demon Three Phoenix

“This fellow, all of his trainings take such a long time…”

The Little Fairy Doctor stood at the top of abyss as she looked at the potruding rock where Xiao Yan sat. She helplessly sighed in a soft voice.

It had already been half a month since Xiao Yan had entered his training state. During this half a month, he did not show any signs of awakening. A frighteningly pure energy rippled around him like a cloud. If one were to grab it, it would appear as viscous as water…

The Little Fairy Doctor and Qing Lin were naturally able to tell that Xiao Yan was in a critical stage of his training. Hence, they did not speak loudly in order to not disturb Xiao Yan despite uttering words from their mouths.

“Elder sister Cai Lin has also not revealed any activity…” Qing Lin’s eyes looked at the bottom of the deep abyss as she stated. The continuously boiling lake surface had calmed down a couple of days ago. The entire Nine Serene Spring had regained its old calm. Cai Lin, who was within it, had shown no signs of movement either.

“Cai Lin should be...

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