Chapter 147: Breaking into the Wolf’s Head

Chapter 147: Breaking into the Wolf’s Head

Standing on the spacious back of the eagle, Xiao Yan lowered his head and watched the small town shrink as he flew away. He then stared at the spirited blue eagle under him, feeling quite envious; this kind of flying transport was something others would covet for.

As her hand gently touched the blue eagle’s feathers, the Fairy Doctor watched Xiao Yan’s expression and could not resist laughing, “Why? Are you interested in my Xiao Lan? But I will not give it to you. It has accompanied me for many years.”

“I might be jealous but I will not snatch other people’s favorite things. And even if you were willing, I would not agree.” Xiao Yan shook his head with a smile. He knew that in the Dou Qi continent, owning a pet that can help one in combat required the owner and the Magic Beast to build a relationship since there was no special contract that would bind them. However, a Magic Beast is an aggressive creature, so only a lucky few would have the opportunity to befriend and obtain their loyalty.

The Fairy Doctor only gained the loyalty of this First Ranked Magic Beast Blue Eagle when she happened to save its life...

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