Chapter 147: Breaking into the Wolf’s Head

Chapter 147: Breaking into the Wolf’s Head

Standing on the spacious back of the eagle, Xiao Yan lowered his head and watched the small town shrink as he flew away. He then stared at the spirited blue eagle under him, feeling quite envious; this kind of flying transport was something others would covet for.

As her hand gently touched the blue eagle’s feathers, the Fairy Doctor watched Xiao Yan’s expression and could not resist laughing, “Why? Are you interested in my Xiao Lan? But I will not give it to you. It has accompanied me for many years.”

“I might be jealous but I will not snatch other people’s favorite things. And even if you were willing, I would not agree.” Xiao Yan shook his head with a smile. He knew that in the Dou Qi continent, owning a pet that can help one in combat required the owner and the Magic Beast to build a relationship since there was no special contract that would bind them. However, a Magic Beast is an aggressive creature, so only a lucky few would have the opportunity to befriend and obtain their loyalty.

The Fairy Doctor only gained the loyalty of this First Ranked Magic Beast Blue Eagle when she happened to save its life a few years ago. If she gave it to Xiao Yan, it was likely that the eagle would immediately unfold its wings and fly into the mountains.

Gently stroking the feathers of the blue eagle with a smile, the Fairy Doctor said softly, “Even though Magic Beasts are very fierce, if you manage to win their loyalty, they will never betray you. On this front, they are much better than humans.”

Sharing her feelings, Xiao Yan shook his head. He shifted his gaze to the fast moving ground and asked, “Where is the headquarters of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company?”

“The headquarters of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company is stationed on the south end of Qingshan Town. That region is almost entirely occupied by them.” Her delicate finger pointed in the direction that the Blue Eagle was flying toward as she said.

“After living in Qingshan Town for so many years, you ought to know the number of members and the overall strength of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company, right?” Xiao Yan seriously inquired.

“Ahh, the Wolf Head Mercenary Company had developed in Qingshan town for over ten years and should have around seventy to eighty members. Most of the members’ strengths are between two to five stars Dou Zhe. The Wolf Head Mercenary Company has three Company Leaders. One of them, He Meng has already died in your hands so there’s only Mu She and Gan Mu.”

“Uh, Gan Mu? I met him on the way so… I got rid off him along the way.” Hearing the name, Xiao Yan waved his hand and interrupted the Fairy Doctor with a laugh.

Hearing this, the Fairy Doctor paused. Her frozen gaze stared at Xiao Yan for a long while before nodding her snow white chin. With a grin, she said, “It looks like I have once again underestimated your strength. It should be known that Gan Mu is a nine star Dou Zhe. Since you could easily kill him, you should have the approximate strength of a nine star Dou Zhe, no?”

“Haha.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded without acknowledging or denying.

“From what you have said, the current Wolf Head Mercenary Company should be left with only Mu She who can fight with you. The others aren’t your match.” The Fairy Doctor voiced her thoughts.

“But they have a large number of people and because of some reasons, I am not versed in dealing with a situation of one against many.” Xiao Yan sighed regretfully. Although he was well versed in a couple of Xuan class Dou Technique, his Qi Method was only at a Low Huang level. The Dou Qi that can be created and stored by the level of this Qi Method was insufficient to support any attempt to kill over a hundred people.

“Those mercenaries are not a problem.” The Fairy Doctor shook her head and took out a small jade bottle from her pocket. She overturned it and poured a colorful pill out. She handed it to Xiao Yan and smiled, “With the help of the Seven Colored Poison Book, the poison that I can now create should be able to easily make those below a five star Dou Zhe to lose their fighting strength or maybe even kill them.”

“Later, I will support you from the sky. If they intend to attack you as a group, I will scatter some medicinal powder. This pill is an antidote that I created. My poison may not have much impact on you but you can save the Dou Qi that you need to suppress the poison with it if you eat it.”

“Ahh.” Xiao Yan nodded his head and received the medicinal pill. He curiously rolled it twice on his hand. Studying it with his tier one alchemist’s eyes, Xiao Yan could see that it was not as spherical as a real medicinal pill. It was obvious that it was produced by the Fairy Doctor using an ordinary fire to mix medicinal plants together and force it into a pill shape.

Xiao Yan tossed the medicinal pill up and swallowed it. With Yao Lao, a grand master alchemist, Xiao Yan was not afraid of any lethal poison that might be secretly added into it.

After swallowing the medicinal pill, a smiling Xiao Yan said, “Let’s talk about Mu She’s strength. It would be best if you can tell me in great detail about the Qi Method and Dou Technique that he has.”

Seeing that Xiao Yan did not show the slightest hesitation when he swallowed the medicinal pill, the smile on the Fairy Doctor’s face unknowingly became more gentle. After all, Xiao Yan had carelessly swallowed the things she made even after knowing of her poisoning methods. The trust he showed moved her.

Of course, she did not know that Xiao Yan dared to boldly swallow the things she gave him because he had insurance.

“Mu She’s strength should be around that of a two star Dou Shi. The Qi Method that he trained with is a wind type Qi Method called ‘Soaring Killer Wind’ which is High Huang Level.” The Fairy Doctor’s fingers touched her black hair that was blown by the wind as she voiced her thoughts.

“A High Huang Level, huh?’ Xiao Yan was relieved at hearing the words. The ‘Flame Mantra’ that he trained with may be a Low Huang Level but it would not be weaker than a Middle Huang Level. Adding the various Xuan rank Dou Techniques that he was well versed in, Xiao Yan was confident that he could narrow the gap between their star ranks.

“Other than the Qi Method, Mu She is also well versed in three Dou Techniques. One of them is an offensive Dou Technique, another is a defensive Dou Technique and the last is an agility Dou Technique.” the Fairy Doctor continued, “These three Dou Techniqueare all High Huang Level.”

“What do you think? Do you have the confidence to defeat him?” Tilting her head, the Fairy Doctor laughed.

“Just wait and see the show.”

Standing on the eagle’s back, Xiao Yan watched the small town under him and smiled. According to the description of Mu She that the Fairy Doctor gave, his chance of victory did not appear low.


“You said that Xiao yan did this?”

In the middle of the hall, Mu She’s eyes were red as he menacingly stared at a frightened mercenary and roared. A Gan Mu’s corpse was in front of him..

“Yes, Company Leader… the Xiao Yan whom we chased into the inner regions of the Magic Beast Mountain Range has walked out alive!” The mercenary swallowed his saliva and said with a frightened face.

Hearing this, Mu She’s dark face grew even uglier. A sinister coldness repeatedly flashed across his extremely small eyes. He paced up and down the hall before coldly asking, “Killing Gan Mu. Was this his doing by himself?”

“Although Xiao Yan launched a sneak attack first, in the face-to-face battle that followed, the Second Company Leader was still quickly defeated. I guess that Xiao Yan’s strength may be around that of a nine star Dou Zhe.”

“How can that be? It has been a little over two months; how can he be promoted to a nine star Dou Zhe so soon?” In one corner, Mu Li immediately jumped to his feet when he heard the mercenary’s words. It should be known that Mu Li himself spent half a year to climb from a six star Dou Zhe to a seven star Dou Zhe. Yet, Xiao Yan had already risen to a nine star Dou Zhe? A blow of this kind was something that the arrogant Mu Li felt difficult to bear.

“It may not be possible for others but it might indeed be possible for that guy.” Taking in a deep breath, Mu She waved his hand and coldly said, “So what if he has reached nine stars. In front of a Dou Shi, any Dou Zhe is insignificant.”

“Give the order. We will do a thorough search for Xiao Yan. This time around, we cannot let him escape again.” He slammed his palm heavily on the table and his menacing voice said, “I was feeling sorry for not being able to get our hands on the treasure in his hands since we had chased him into the inner regions of the Magic Beast Mountain Range. To think that he would actually return once again.. Since he has returned, he can stay here forever.”

Narrowing his eyes, Mu She suddenly recalled the horrifying Dou Tehcnique that Xiao Yan had displayed that day beside the abyss. His heart jumped slightly. Quickly, he comforted himself in a soft voice, “It’s alright. Even if he had a high class Dou Technique, his actual strength is still too weak. Moreover, a high class Dou you think I don’t have one?”

Just as Mu She was comforting himself, a mercenary figure abruptly broke open the door in a hurried manner and said with an urgent voice, “Company Leader. Xiao Yan is charging in from the front door!”

“What?” Hearing those words, the hall was in an uproar.

Mu She was similarly stunned by the news. He immediately stood up and took a few quick steps forward and pulled the mercenary up. He demanded, “How many people did he bring?”

“It’s just him alone!” The mercenary gave a strange expression as he replied.

“Alone?” Mu She’s face twitched thinking that he had heard wrongly. Instantly, he asked in a stunned voice, “You said he is charging into our headquarters by himself?”

The mercenary hurriedly nodded.

“This little bastard.. Did he smash his head against a rock? Does he really think that with just him alone, he could eliminate our entire Wolf Head Mercenary Company?”

The corner of Mu She’s mouth twitched as he laughed coldly. With a cold face, he immediately strode out of the hall and coldly said, “It’s just as well he’s here, saving me the trouble of sending people to search for him. Mu Li, get people to block the main door. I want to let him know that our Wolf Head Mercenary Company is not a place that he can come and go as he pleases!”

“Yes!” Mu Li made a large motion in nodding his head. A sinister smile appeared on his face as he quickly turned around and relayed the order.

“Let’s go. Let’s see what is it that gave this bastard so much courage. Ha ha!” Mu She waved his hand and laughed loudly as he led everyone out of the hall and hurried toward the forecourt. Behind him, a large number of people closely followed.

The group of people passed through the front hall and arrived at the forecourt to find a young man wearing black clothes standing there smiling. Under him lay over ten battered mercenaries belonging to the Wolf Head Mercenary Company who were rolling all over the ground. The hard door was also broken into pieces.

“Mu She Company Leader, haha, long time no see.” Noticing that the cold faced Mu Li had arrived, the young man gradually raised his head and smiled.

“Today, you can stay here forever!”

Mu She took in a deep breath as he eyed the messy forecourt. He stepped forward and pointed at the young man. The expression on his face had instantly turned into one with incomparable sinisterness and perniciousness.

When faced with his pronouncement of death, the corner of the young man’s mouth simply raised with faint mockery.

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