Chapter 1468: Demon Saint Essence Blood

Chapter 1468: Demon Saint Essence Blood

The entire realm violently shook. Even the space itself fluctuated. One could see the remnant soul of Demon Saint Huang Quan suddenly rippling in a strange fashion amid this fluctuation. These strange ripples vaguely intertwined into a ten-thousand-foot-tall formless figure. If one were to carefully study this figure, one would discover that this figure was the same as Demon Saint Huang Quan, but this figure gave Xiao Yan the frightening feeling of facing the entire world!

This feeling let Xiao Yan sense what being insignificant and weak meant!

“This is the true form of the Demon Saint Huang Quan…”

Xiao Yan inhaled a breath of cold air. He did not expect this remnant spirit could unleash a sonic wave that gathered the true form of the Demon Saint Huang Quan.

The invisible Demon Saint body, which had been transformed because of the sonic wave, slowly lowered his head. His indifferent eyes locked onto Xiao Yan in the distance. After which, he slowly widened his mouth. A sonic wave that contained an...

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