Chapter 1467: Soul Battle

Chapter 1467: Soul Battle

“Back then, I had once tried to obtain the ‘Yellow Spring Divine Anger’ training method and the Demon Saint essence blood within the stone tablet. However, my Spiritual Strength had only just entered the stone tablet when it was struck and I coughed up blood in defeat. I had to recuperate for half a year in order to recover.”

Yao Ming softly sighed after seeing Xiao Yan’s grave expression. His eyes wandered over the stone tablet with some fear as he said, “Even though my current strength is many times greater than back then, I have a feeling that my fate would not be any better even if I made another attempt now.”

“The stone tablet does indeed contain an extremely powerful Spiritual Strength. That Spiritual Strength also seems to possess a kind of mysterious pressure. If I guess correctly, the attainments of that Demon Saint Huang Quan in the training of his soul had likely reached a relatively frightening level.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly and replied.

“How can someone half a step in the Dou Di class...

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