Chapter 1465: Demonic Saint (Sheng) Huang Quan

Chapter 1465: Demonic Saint (Sheng) Huang Quan


Xiao Yan’s punch collided with the smelly dense-black Dou Qi palm wind of the First Elder. A hot fire seedling suddenly leaped forward and vaporized that lethal poisonous wisp. The powerful force also caused the First Elder to stagger back. The blood within his body even began to churn. The Heavenly Flame’s strength caused him to feel a little terrible.

“First Elder, you should just surrender. You cannot defeat me. Yao Xiaotian will definitely be defeated by Yao Ming within ten exchanges. Once he becomes free, your fate will likely be quite terrible.” The golden light giant that Xiao Yan had transformed into looked down at the First Elder a short distance away and laughed.

The First Elder’s face twitched upon hearing this suggestion. His peripheral vision swept over Yao Xiaotian’s battleground. His heart slightly sank. At this moment, Yao Xiaotian had been suppressed by Yao Ming until he did not have the ability to retaliate. From the looks of this miserable fight, it was...

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