Chapter 1464: All Had Been Decided

Chapter 1464: All Had Been Decided

A solemn-feeling flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart when he saw Yao Xiaotian and the First Elder attack at the same time. One of these people was an intermediate one star Dou Sheng while the other was an advanced one star Dou Sheng. They were terrifyingly strong after joining hands. Xiao Yan would end up finding himself facing a life threatening danger if he underestimated their strengths.

“You two are really anxious. It is likely that everyone present knows just what the both of you are planning to do!”

Xiao Yan’s body shook. He unleashed the King Kong Glass Body to its limit. His originally large body once again swelled until it reached a ninety-nine-foot peak. A bright golden light lingered over the surface of his body before gradually turning into a dark-golden color. His golden skin shook as a faint thunderous roar shot out of his pores.

“Clan tattoo appear!”

Xiao Yan was dissatisfied despite having unleashed the King Kong Glass Body to its peak. His hands formed a seal and a mysterious clan tattoo swiftly appeared on his forehead....

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