Chapter 1459:

Chapter 1459:


A figure flashed through the muddled-yellow lake with lightning-like speed. Flames lingered around the figure. Each time a flame made contact with the surrounding water, it would emit a series of sizzling sound.

“It is indeed worthy of being the Nine Serene Spring. The dark and cold force that it contains is frightening.”

Xiao Yan’s body swiftly rushed toward the bottom of the spring. A solemn expression gradually surfaced on his face at the same time. The dark and cold force contained within the Nine Serene Spring seemed as though it could freeze Dou Qi. Xiao Yan still felt his limbs go numb even with his Heavenly Flame protecting him. The churning Dou Qi circulating around his body began to show signs of becoming sluggish.

“Looks like I need to increase my speed. This is not a place I can stay for long!”

Using the Heavenly Flame to resist the dark and cold force exhausted Xiao Yan’s Dou Qi. Although Xiao Yan had advanced to the Dou Sheng class and was able to control...

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