Chapter 1455: Nine Serene Spring

Chapter 1455: Nine Serene Spring

After the Falling Star Pavilion, the Pill Tower, the Flower Sect, and the Burning Flame Valley announced the formation of the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance,’ the entire Central Plains was blasted apart by this extremely huge bomb. Chaos instantly erupted across the land.

The four big factions possessed extremely renowned reputations within the Central Plains. Any one of them could be considered a giant. A faction like the Pill Tower could no longer be described as a simple giant. This faction possessed an extremely frightening ability to gather people. It might have appeared extremely gentle over the years, but as long as one was not a fool, one would be able to detect the frightening strength hidden beneath this lazy appearance.

The lineup from the formation of this alliance between four powerful factions was many times stronger than the ‘Profound River Alliance’ before. Compared to this newly formed ‘Sky Mansion Alliance,’ the ‘Profound River Alliance’ was an extremely ordinary shrimp. Just a random finger of the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ could destroy the ‘Profound River Alliance.’

Everyone could imagine how much the strength of this alliance,...

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