Chapter 1454: Deputy Hall Chief of the Hall of Soul

Chapter 1454: Deputy Hall Chief of the Hall of Soul

“This hall chief?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes abruptly shrank after hearing the indifferent voice being transmitted from distorted space. The Hall of Souls was clearly intervening by sending this person. Moreover, this person called himself hall chief. Could it be that he was that extremely mysterious hall chief of the Hall of Souls?

Black fog continuously seeped out of the distorted space. It slowly formed into a human figure completely covered in black fog in front of everyone.

“Hall chief of the Hall of Souls?”

The eyes of the First Elder from the Small Pill Tower shot to the human figure in black fog. His slightly hunched body leaned forward. The space around him began to slowly fluctuate at this moment.

“Perhap addressing me as deputy hall chief is better.” That black fog fluctuated slightly while a faint laugh was emitted.

“Looks like you, the deputy hall chief is not bold enough. Since you dare to barge into my Falling Star Pavilion, you should use your actual body. An illusory figure, could it be that you...

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