Chapter 1452: Alliance

Chapter 1452: Alliance

Old demon Hou’s face was a mixture of green and red after hearing the final announcement. He had thought that he would be able to defeat Yao Lao after their decades long rivalry, but cruel reality taught him that even Yao Lao’s disciple could easily defeat him in terms of medicinal refinement skills…

“Ha ha, congratulations, old Yao.” Xuan Kong Zi cupped his hands together and smiled as he congratulated Yao Lao.

“Old fellow, you have taught an incredible disciple. This Xiao Yan has likely already surpassed you, right?”

The smile on Yao Lao’s face stretched from ear to ear as he heard the many congratulations from around him. Xiao Yan’s performance today had made him feel much prouder than if he had personally obtained victory. Once one reached someone of his age, one’s competitive character would weaken. One would feel happier grooming disciples as one passed on all of one’s abilities to them.

Upon seeing one’s disciple obtain such an achievement, one would naturally feel extremely satisfied as the teacher.


Old demon Hou felt dejected when he saw Yao Lao’s smiling face. He violently swung...

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