Chapter 1451: Grade Nine Treasure Pill

Chapter 1451: Grade Nine Treasure Pill


A frightening energy storm wildly raged in the sky. Everything within a ten-thousand-foot-radius turned black at this moment. Space itself had collapsed because of this frightening clash!

The expressions of most individuals changed when they saw the black space in the sky. Even though they had lived for many years, it was still extremely rare for them to see a clash of this magnitude. All of them understood that with their strengths, they would not be able to endure for even a short moment if they were to be struck by that energy storm. Even their souls would be shattered by it.

“That Xiao Yan dares to fight against the Black Demon Lightning!”

The few Elders on the stone stage involuntarily muttered in stunned voices after seeing Xiao Yan throw a punch.

“That Xiao Yan is an initial one star Dou Sheng. It should not be too difficult for him to deal with a Black Demon Lightning.” The linen-clothed First Elder glanced at the sky and spoke in a faint voice. “This Black Demon Lightning might not be as numerous as a tier 9 Pill Lightning,...

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