Chapter 1450: Black Demon Lightning

Chapter 1450: Black Demon Lightning

The surrounding pairs of eyes contained some surprise as they shifted to Xiao Yan. They had not expected Xiao Yan to utter such words.

“Junior, trying to win verbally here will not benefit to you.” Old demon Hou looked at Xiao Yan and coldly laughed. His eyes once again swept over the fire cauldron in front of Xiao Yan as he spoke, yet he still failed to sense a medicinal pill fluctuation. A faint mocking smile flashed across his eyes.

Xiao Yan merely grinned as old demon Hou coldly laughed. After which, he slowly stood up in front of many pairs of eyes.


The fire cauldron in front of Xiao Yan suddenly emitted a slight vibrating sound as he slowly stood up.

“This is…”

Many people revealed surprised face upon seeing him stand.

“There is a slight medicinal pill ripple being emitted from the fire cauldron…” The linen-clothed First Elder on the stone stage suddenly spoke in a hoarse yet calm voice.

The remaining six Elders revealed shock in their eyes upon hearing his words. Even with...

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