Chapter 1448: Small Pill Tower First Elder

Chapter 1448: Small Pill Tower First Elder

Light from the bright, warm sun tore through the layers of clouds and landed on the top of the mountain. An ancient and melodious gong slowly reverberated through this open ground.

The top of the mountain became distorted after this gong began to vibrate. Seven elderly figures appeared on a stone stage within the open ground without any forewarning. Many people bowed and greeted these seven elders after seeing them. They respectfully said, “Greetings to all seven Elders!”

The Main Elder Council could be considered the highest decision body in the Small Pill Tower. These Elders naturally possessed an extremely high status. Moreover, all of them had been selected from the Small Pill Tower and were highly regarded individuals. Hence, many people in the Small Pill Tower respected them.

Xiao Yan was mixed in with the crowd. His eyes swept over the seven Elders. After slowly sweeping his gaze over them, he finally paused on four individuals. The auras of these four individuals appeared exceptionally powerful among those seven Elders, especially...

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