Chapter 1444: Seeking Allies

Chapter 1444: Seeking Allies

The revenge of the Falling Star Pavilion continued for ten days. During these ten days, at least twenty sects were exterminated by the Falling Star Pavilion’s army. These factions, which were not very powerful, could not retaliate against the Falling Star Pavilion, which possessed a high level Ban Sheng, a one star Dou Sheng, and many top experts.

The eruption of the Falling Star Pavilion violently shook many factions. In the past, the Falling Star Pavilion had maintained itself in one corner and quietly developed. It did not display any overwhelming power, causing some factions to not treat this rising faction seriously. However, the retaliation of the Falling Star Pavilion allowed everyone to understand that it was not docile. Instead, it was a ferocious tiger that would bite if angered…

After ten days passed, the Falling Star Pavilion’s large army began to pull back. After all, they did not wish to massacre everyone. Necessary deaths would enable the Falling Star Pavilion to establish an imposing might, but the deaths could not be outrageous. Xiao Yan...

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