Chapter 1442: The Secret of Each Sect

Chapter 1442: The Secret of Each Sect


Yao Lao and the rest were startled upon hearing this word. They immediately contemplated the idea.

“Forget about the Hun clan. Just the strength of the Hall of Souls is stronger than our Falling Star Pavilion. Our Falling Star Pavilion is completely at odds with them. It is impossible to engage in an all out war with them.” Xiao Yan nodded as he softly explained. “With just the strength of our Falling Star Pavilion, we have a very high chance of being defeated when the time comes. Hence, we must seek allies if we wish to fight the Hall of Souls.”

“This will likely not be easy. The Hall of Souls is too powerful. Who else other than us will oppose them?” Cai Lin knit her brows and asked.

“It is precisely because the Hall of Souls is too powerful that we have a chance…” Xiao Yan smiled and replied. “Those fellows have done many things that have infuriated others in order to collect souls. An example is the Pill Tower. They hate the Hall of Souls to their very bones. If they were not afraid of the strength of the Hall of Souls, they would have already gathered people to fight it....

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