Chapter 1440: Massacre

Chapter 1440: Massacre

The enormous circular plate of black that was surrounded by fire emitted a reincarnation feeling as it collided with the frightening energy from Gu You’s three-man team in front of countless pairs of eyes!


Both parties collided. The frightening collusion made it seem as though meteorites had collided, but the surprising thing was that an earth-shaking explosion did not occur. The three energy attacks that were a couple thousand feet across suddenly split apart in front of many shocked eyes. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though i've had met a searing flame and swiftly melted

That slowly rotating black plate seemed to show signs of separating air itself!

“Ka ka ka!”

The enormous energy attack swiftly scattered. Within a short instant, it had turned into nothing. On the other hand, that enormous black plate surrounded by fire continued to float and slowly rotate in the sky…

“What is this Dou Skill?

Shock and disbelief surged into Gu You’s group’s eyes as they watched their attacks disintegrate...

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