Chapter 1438: Leaving the Retreat, Dou Sheng!

Chapter 1438: Leaving the Retreat, Dou Sheng!


Three figures crossed each other in the sky with lightning-like speed. Frightening Dou Qi ripples formed a ring shape that spread in all directions. No experts dared to step within a ten thousand meter radius. This frightening ripple could grind an elite Dou Zun into a pool of blood.


The human figures crossed each other and stumbled back a couple of steps. Even space itself had shaken until it collapsed and formed a large dark region wherever their feet landed.

“Tsk tsk, Yao Chen, so what if your Spiritual Strength is powerful? Do you really think that you can fight against the two of us alone?” Old demon Tian Ming stabilized his body and suppressed his somewhat churning blood. He looked at the gloomy-faced Yao Lao a short distance away and coldly laughed.

Gu You by the side also coldly laughed. He could not help but clench his hand while feeling a little shaken in his heart. He understood that if he was alone, he would not be a match for Yao Lao. The other party’s Spiritual Strength far surpassed his.

“It is rumored that the fighting ability of alchemists during the ancient times was extremely great. It is likely due to their strong Spiritual Strength....

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