Chapter 1437: Big Battle in the Star Realm

Chapter 1437: Big Battle in the Star Realm

Old demon Tian Ming was monitoring Yao Lao’s expression. After seeing a ruthlessness surface on Yao Lao’s face, he understood that the Falling Star Pavilion would not submit. The dense smile on his face quickly intensified as he said, “It seems that this Falling Star Pavilion will not be able to avoid bloodshed today…”

“It’s just as well. There are many experts present. We will be able to collect some souls at the same time.” Gu You laughed in a strange fashion. His tone clearly indicated that he thought little of the Falling Star Pavilion. They had two high level Ban Shengs on their side and one initial level Ban Sheng. This strength was clearly not something the Falling Star Pavilion could compare with. Today, they had arrived with the intention of killing. The Falling Star Pavilion would definitely be eliminated from the Central Plains forever.

Yao Lao’s expression was gloomy as he stared at Gu You’s group. He spoke in a deep voice, “Leave Gu You and old demon Tian Ming for me to deal with. Cai Lin, Qing Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor, the three of you will block that other initial level Ban Sheng!”

The Ban Sheng...

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