Chapter 1436: Imminent War

Chapter 1436: Imminent War

The Falling Star Pavilion was undoubtedly at its most secure this year because today was the day mentioned on the challenge card that came from the “Profound River Alliance”!

The Falling Star Pavilion still did not know why the “Profound River Alliance” would launch a major campaign, but regardless of what the case was, the Falling Star Pavilion would not reveal any fear in front of others. The news that the experts from the “Profound River Alliance” would gather at the Falling Star Pavilion had already spread. Hence, many people had hurried to the Falling Star Pavilion during these few days. Everyone understood that the conflicts that had been experienced over these two years had caused the “Profound River Alliance” and the Falling Star Pavilion to truly become enemies. With this sudden situation occurring after both parties had suppressed themselves for such a long time, it would definitely be an extremely spectacular show. Many experts naturally did not want to miss such an interesting situation.

The Falling Star Pavilion did not take any actions to expel the people who intended to watch the show after hearing the news. Instead, it...

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