Chapter 1435: Challenge Card

Chapter 1435: Challenge Card

On the surface, the Gu clan was the strongest clan among the six remaining ancient clans. No one doubted the strength they possessed.

If one were to describe the Hun clan, this clan could be considered the clan with the longest history among the eight ancient clans. This clan had existed since ancient times. It was usually extremely mysterious and even the other ancient clans did not dare to say that they clearly understood its strength. Although the Hun clan did not reveal that they were the strongest during the big wars of the old, anyone who carefully recall the events would discover that the Hun clan had never fallen into a disadvantage...

They were neither victorious nor defeated. From a certain point of view, that was quite frightening to accomplish. Hence, even the Gu clan maintained a healthy amount of fear for this mysterious ancient clan.

These two ancient clans represented the strongest factions within the Dou Qi continent. Other than these two clans, not a single faction could eliminate the entire Ling clan without anyone noticing.

Hence, the Gu clan and the Hun clan were undoubtedly...

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