Chapter 1434: The Change in the Hun clan

Chapter 1434: The Change in the Hun clan

Two years was not a short amount of time, but no one had expected Xiao Yan’s retreat to last this long…

Based on the expectations of Yao Lao and the others, it should not be difficult for Xiao Yan to breakthrough to the Ban Sheng class since he had the Bodhisattva Heart and Bodhisattva Pill helping him. The legend about refining the Bodhisattva Heart to immediately enter the Sheng class was a little exaggerated. After all, one must be given time to absorb an enormous amount of pure energy.

One could also prove just how powerful the Bodhisattva Heart was from another point of view. Although it did not allow one to enter the Sheng class immediately, Xiao Yan, who was already a nine change peak Dou Zun, would, at the very most, need one year to successfully complete his retreat.

However, reality did not match everyone’s expectations. Time slowly flowed by while everyone waited. Autumn replaced summer as wild grass covered the area in front the the large rock door where Xiao Yan hid. Green moss had started to cover the stone door.

The area around this door had...

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