Chapter 1432: Forcing Gu You to Withdraw

Chapter 1432: Forcing Gu You to Withdraw

Gu You was startled when he saw this elderly figure suddenly appear. He uttered a name in a dark and solemn voice, “Yao Chen…”

“Teacher? Why are you here?”

Xiao Yan was similarly stunned because of Yao Lao’s appearance. His powerful voice was filled with a strangeness. He had yet to shatter the spatial scroll that Yao Lao had given him.

“You have stayed in the ancient region for too long and I was a little worried. Hence, I found time to hurry over. Unexpectedly, I have found you in this situation.” Yao Lao was suspended in front of Xiao Yan. He smiled faintly before his eyes swept over Xiao Yan. A pleased expression surfaced in his eyes as he said, “Your strength has increased within a few short months. You have really exceeded my expectations.”

Xun Er’s group in the distance sighed in relief when they saw Yao Lao suddenly appear.

“Gu You, you can be considered part of the older generation with some reputation in the Central Plains. Haven’t you been a little too shameless today?” Yao Lao’s eyes landed on Gu You as he slowly questioned.


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