Chapter 143: Nine Star Dou Zhe

Chapter 143: Nine Star Dou Zhe

When Xiao Yan emerged from his unconscious state, it was already sunset. Slowly opening his eyes and lightly moving his fingers, the expected pain didn’t appear. In fact, there was an energized feeling within his body.

This comfortably enriched feeling caused Xiao Yan to breath out deeply. Slightly moving his head, a tidy pile of blue colored metal inner vest and two scrolls appeared before his eyes.

Looking at these items, Xiao Yan was at first confused. Soon after, he sat up in a flash of understanding. His eyes furiously roved around his surroundings but he was unable to find that graceful and elegant figure. A sense of loneliness and depression started to appear on the youth’s face

“Gone already?” Bitterly laughing, Xiao Yan weakly liad on the branch beside him. After narrowing his eyes for quite some time, he lazily reached out to take the metal inner vest that was arranged neatly. Holding it with his palm, the inner vest strangely held some warmth and was not cool. Xiao Yan’s hands lightly kneaded the inner vest and found that it was soft as silk, extremely weird.

Grabbing that blue inner vest tightly, Xiao Yan placed it below his nostrils and sniffed, smelling a light body fragrance.

“She actually left this kind of close fitting object behind……” With an odd expression on his face, Xiao Yan muttered. Moving apart the metal inner vest, the claw mark left by the Amethyst Winged Lion appeared within his vision.

Pulling the metal inner vest into his embrace, Xiao Yan raised his head and looked at the sparse treetop, the smile on his mouth was a little bitter, “Ai, she went back and continued to be her respected Dou Huang………..I also have to continue struggling for my Dou Shi.”

Forcefully shaking his head, Xiao Yan settled the two scrolls into the ring depressedly. Lowering his head and looking at the back finger on his ring, he asked, “Teacher, where are we going now?”

The ring lightly trembled, Yao Lao floated out, circled around Xiao Yan and suddenly spoke, “Go look at your current strength.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan was confused and following his advice, he closed both eyes and quickly reflected on the state of his body. A moment after, he opened his eyes. spoke in consternation, “Nine Star Dou Zhe? How did I jump two stars? it due to that Amethyst Essence?”

“Only two stars? At least that woman wasn’t an idiot, if she were to help you break through to Dou Shi, there would be a huge problem.” Yao Lao emotionlessly said.

“What does that mean?” Xiao Yan asked in confusion.

“The energy within the Amethyst Essence is indeed rich. However that strength was too tyrannical. Although that woman already refined it once, if you were to let the purple flame raise your current strength, the Qi vortex inside your body would just expand and explode. The Amethyst Winged Lion being able to raise an entire rank after eating it is due to their physical body being really strong, thus they have no reason to be scared of being devoured by the purple flames. But you, heh heh, if you were to rely on the purple flames to promote to the Dou Shi level, I’m afraid you would have been instantly incinerated into a pile of ashes by the purple flames.” Yao Lao said with a laugh.

“Kuh…” Wiping away cold sweat, Xiao Yan finally understood that even good things cannot be randomly consumed. No matter how good it was, if the human body was unable to withstand it, it would only become poison.

“Although currently, under the help of her pressure, you only raised two stars, this speed still leaves me a little worried. Ai, this woman, sure can mess things up. This leaping kind of training has a lot of shortcomings.” Shaking his head, Yao Lao mused, speaking again, “Within this month, you have to camp inside the Magic Beast mountain and every day you have to hunt down five or more rank 1 Magic Beasts. Only through battle can the Dou Qi within your body become as steady and firm as before. If not, when we encounter a Heavenly Flame in the future, you will not have any qualifications to devour it.”

“If it must be five, let it be five.” Unconcernedly shaking his head, Xiao Yan stood up, carrying the heavy ruler while Yao Lao returned to the ring. Sweeping around the surroundings once again, he finally left this dense forest.

Walking out from the forest, a flaming red setting sun on the horizon had already descended halfway. Standing still and gazing at the setting sun for a long time, Xiao Yan sighed in loneliness, turned around and disappeared under the cover of the forest.

When Xiao Yan left, he did not realise that on the peak of an undetectable hidden mountain behind him, there was a girl in a simple white dress, standing beautifully on it and letting out a soft sigh of relief after seeing Xiao Yan safely leave the dense forest. Once again watching the youthful figure disappear, she sighed faintly. Finally without reluctance and lingering attachment, the green wings on her back lightly flapped as her figure transformed into a green shadow that speedily flew out from the Magic Beast Mountain Range.


Within the dark forest, a Rank 1 Vampire Rat was carefully crawling, its tiny blood red eyes were continuously regarding the forest with vigilance; a bitter cold light shone on its sharp teeth and claws.

It quickly crawled a short distance and as the blood rat was greedily grazing on the sap of the tree, a white blur suddenly surged out from the white tree. A strand of ice energy shot outwards, briefly freezing the feet of the blood rat that just realized his situation and was about to escape. A pair of sharp fangs closed and swallowed the blood rat in a flash.

Successfully completing an ambush once again, the white furred Unicorn Wolf groomed its white fur in satisfaction. This white wolf was named as the Frost Unicorn Wolf and its strength was at the peak of rank 1 Magic Beasts so defeating one blood rat was relatively easy.

After completely swallowing the blood rat, the Frost Unicorn Wolf once again searched for a new target.

“Bang!” Following a muffled noise, leaves around the Frost Wolf suddenly shot skywards and rained down onto the wolf.

This sudden change caused the Frost Unicorn Wolf to retreat in panic but as its body moved backwards, a human figure surged outwards from within the leaves and the branches. A punch that held a savage and enormous force, severely smashed toward the wolf’s brain.

This savage force caused the fur on the Frost Unicorn Wolf to stand on end. In its horrifying fanged mouth, there was a howl followed by a white Ice energy being shot out madly.

That white energy encapsulated the human figure for a brief moment. However, this time, the Ice energy didn’t achieve its desired effect. On that human figure, a faded yellow with streaks of purple Dou Qi appeared on the body and under this intensely hot fire natured Dou Qi, the ice energy was unable to freeze the human figure and became a cloud of white steam, scattering quickly.

Seeing that Ice energy had no effect, the Frost Unicorn Wolf quickly turned and fled for its life.

The human figure rushed out from the Ice Energy and looking at the desperately escaping Frost Unicorn Wolf. His feet suddenly strangely twisted before stepping on the ground again while he softly shouted from his mouth, “Exploding Steps!”

Accompanying that shout, a pale, yellow glow actually emerged from that human figure’s feet and with the lightly glowing yellow feet, he heavily stepped on the ground. At that moment, an explosion like noise sounded from where the feet had been in contact with the ground. At the same time, that figure charged outwards with an insane speed like that of an arrow that left the bow, a little unbelievable.

Following that step, the figure took another few steps and every time his feet landed, there would be an explosion like sound.

Eight noises sounded out, eight steps! With just those eight steps, the figure actually surpassed the Frost Unicorn Wolf which was known for its speed.

Leaping over the Frost Unicorn Wolf, that figure spun his body and savagely punched the wolf’s head. At that moment, the Frost Unicorn Wolf’s speed stalled and with a muffled noise, the tough wolf head exploded and shot out in all directions.

Using only one punch to neutralize the Frost Unicorn Wolf, the figure raised his head, exposing the clear and handsome look of a youth. It was Xiao Yan who was training in the mountain range.

Today’s Xiao Yan, compared to a month ago, had an additional tough feel to him and there was a bloody feeling permeating his body. Obviously, having to hunt five or more Magic Beasts everyday made Xiao Yan anew. After going through a bloodbath, anyone would also have some sort of change.

After a month of hunting and training, the Dou Qi inside Xiao Yan’s body that left Yao Lao a little worried finally steadied and calmed down. The threads of energy that came from the Amethyst Essence was refined by Xiao Yan multiple times into the Qi vortex of his lower abdomen and only after shrinking by nearly half, did the refining finally stopped.

Although the Qi vortex looked like it shrunk, Xiao Yan clearly understood that the current him far outstripped himself from a month ago.

During this month, Xiao Yan trained the Middle Xuan Ranked Dou Technique that Yun Zhi left behind in one of the scroll, and this skill was the Exploding Steps that Xiao Yan just utilized.

As the name suggests, this was a type of Dou Technique that relied on the momentum from exploding energy to increase velocity and to this thing, Xiao Yan was quite interested, and thus learnt it. However, with Xiao Yan’s current strength, he was at most able to utilize ten steps of Exploding Steps, anymore would be impossible. But even so, Exploding Steps had a huge contribution to Xiao Yan’s hunting mission in this month.

Yun Zhi left two scrolls, one was a Qi Method and the other was a Dou Technique but Xiao Yan only learned the Dou Technique, Exploding Steps. The other Qi Method was useless for Xiao Yan who had learned the Flame Mantra and so, Xiao Yan could only leave it coldly unattended within the ring.

Overall, this month of training multiplied Xiao Yan’s total ability and without any restraints or restrictions, defeating a Two Star Dou Shi was not impossible!

After the end of the month, Xiao Yan stayed inside the Magic Beast Mountain Range for a few days and under perfect conditions, killed a rank 2 Magic Beast, using that to measure the fruits of his training!

After gauging his current ability, Xiao Yan’s mind wandered to the strict face of a middle aged man.

It was that person that forced him to enter the depths of the Magic Beast Mountain Range a few months earlier.

And now, was perhaps the best time to get revenge…..

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