Chapter 143: Nine Star Dou Zhe (Teaser)

Chapter 143: Nine Star Dou Zhe

When Xiao Yan emerged from his unconscious state, it was already sunset. Slowly opening his eyes and lightly moving his fingers, the expected pain didn’t appear. In fact, there was an energized feeling within his body.

This comfortably enriched feeling caused Xiao Yan to breath out deeply. Slightly moving his head, a tidy pile of blue colored metal inner vest and two scrolls appeared before his eyes.

Looking at these items, Xiao Yan was at first confused. Soon after, he sat up in a flash of understanding. His eyes furiously roved around his surroundings but he was unable to find that graceful and elegant figure. A sense of loneliness and depression started to appear on the youth’s face

“Gone already?” Bitterly laughing, Xiao Yan weakly liad on the branch beside him. After narrowing his eyes for quite some time, he lazily reached out to take the metal inner vest that was arranged neatly. Holding it with his palm, the inner vest strangely held some warmth and was not cool. Xiao Yan’s hands lightly kneaded the inner vest and found that...

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