Chapter 1429: Second Tianzun, Saint Gu You (Bones)

Chapter 1429: Second Tianzun, Saint Gu You (Bones)

(TL: The Gu You mentioned is related to the word for bones and is not related to the Gu clan)

The intense distortion of space sealed this entire area. Any spatial fluctuation was unable to seep out of it…

Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and cold as he turned his head. He looked in the direction of the origin of this spatial fluctuation and saw an enormous Heaven Phoenix illusory figure roaming the sky behind Jiu Feng. The entire sky was enshrouded by this illusory Heaven Phoenix. The spatial ripple from before had come from its body…

“Looks like the next tribe head of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe is going to be someone else…”

Jiu Feng’s heart trembled when he saw Xiao Yan’s dark and dense gaze sweep over. Jiu Feng immediately cried out in a deep voice, “Hun Yu, why aren’t you acting?”

A cold smile surfaced on Hun Yu’s face when he heard Jiu Feng’s cry. He clenched his hand and a scroll appeared in his palm. Subsequently, he shattered it. An intense spatial fluctuation swept out of the scroll after it was shattered. This...

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