Chapter 1427: Absolute Suppression

Chapter 1427: Absolute Suppression

Xiao Yan turned his head slowly after hearing Jiu Feng’s furious cry that was filled with murderous intent. His cold eyes were just like a ferocious beast as they stared at Jiu Feng.

Jiu Feng suddenly felt a chill on his skin as Xiao Yan looked at him. Only then did he recover some of his coolness. His expression continued to remain quite gloomy and cold. His eyes did not give in and stared continuously at Xiao Yan while he spoke in a dense voice, “We have entered the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree together and experience so many obstacles. Yet, you are now planning to take all the Bodhisattva Seeds away. Aren’t you a little too unreasonable?”

Xiao Yan burst out in laughter after hearing this. He said, “Unreasonable? I’m afraid that this is not what you are thinking. You should be thinking of talking with your fist right?”

Xiao Yan clearly understood in his heart that if it was not because his strength deterred Jiu Feng, it was likely that the latter would have attacked and forcefully snatched those Bodhisattva Seeds. Being reasonable? This was a kind of protection that the weak sought in the...

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