Chapter 1425: Awaken

Chapter 1425: Awaken

Every pair of eyes in this life-filled space gathered on Xiao Yan, who had been embraced by the ancient tree. Their eyes were relatively hot. Those who could come to this place had naturally heard of the three Bodhisattva treasures. This so-called meditation under the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree might seem very vague and undetectable, but the potential that it could provide caused one to go crazy.

“How did this fellow end up gaining such an advantage first?”

Jiu Feng’s expression was gloomy. Even with his character, he could not control the jealousy that filled his stomach. He would rather these great benefits be given to anyone but someone he disliked.

The warm smile, which usually hung on Hun Yu’s face by the side, significantly diminished while Jiu Feng’s expression was gloomy. His fingers continued to rub against each other. Clearly, the emotions in his heart were not as calm as he appeared on the surface. No one would be able to remain calm if one could gain such a great potential.

“Had I known earlier,...

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