Chapter 1422: Illusion

Chapter 1422: Illusion

A white glow filled Xiao Yan’s vision as he stood in a world of white light. There was not a single person beside him. Without knowing why, his memories vaguely became a little chaotic.

“What happened?”

Xiao Yan frowned and muttered to himself. A moment later, he suddenly lifted his head. There was a circular light ring a short distance from him. He hesitated for a moment before walking to the light ring. After which, he stepped into it.

Although Xiao Yan had only taken an instant to step into the light ring, it felt as though decades had passed. While he was feeling lost, his body suddenly shook. Lush green grassy plains replaced the white world in front of his eyes.

“This is… Wasteland Ancient Region?”

Xiao Yan muttered in a lost manner as he stared at this enormous grassland. This place left him with a feeling familiarity even with his chaotic memory.

Xiao Yan’s body stood in the air. His eyes looked around him and noticed that the plain was empty....

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