Chapter 1420: Killing Ban Sheng Puppets

Chapter 1420: Killing Ban Sheng Puppets

Everyone felt their skin become slightly numb when they saw the five figures appear in front of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. They would not have imagined that there were Ban Sheng class experts hidden within this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree!

“Five elite Ban Sheng—there is no life in them…”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath. He suppressed the shock in his heart. His eyes suddenly swept over the five figures before twitching.

“Nor are their souls present… they are merely puppets.” Xun Er softly came to a conclusion. Her face was filled with a seriousness.

Puppet… one need not use one’s head to know that these elite Ban Shengs had been turned into puppets by this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Everyone began to feel as though they were covered in a cold sweat when they thought of what happened. Turning an elite Ban Sheng into a puppet, who across the continent possessed the frightening strength to do this?

Once one reached the Ban Sheng class, one would be an existence close to the peak of the world. Ban Shengs were a relatively powerful force even in the ancient clans, but experts of such a level had been captured and turned into puppets. This...

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