Chapter 142: Absorbing the Purple Energy

Chapter 142: Absorbing the Purple Energy

Observing the miserably burnt body of Xiao Yan who she was holding to her chest, Yun Zhi’s pretty face changed. At the same time, the young Amethyst Winged Lion roared angrily and came dashing from the inner regions of the cave. However, when its gaze swept toward Yun Zhi, who was floating in midair, it hurriedly slammed its claw on the ground and slid for a short distance. The Magic Beast’s excellent sense of danger told him that the woman in front of it was not an existence it could offend.

Just as the young Amethyst Winged Lion was preparing to retreat, the icy-faced Yun Zhi swung the sword in her hand. An enormous green colored wind blade exploded from the tip of the sword and cut at the former’s body with lightning speed. Instantly, sparks spattered in all directions.

“Wu!” Having received a heavy blow, the young Amethyst Winged Lion let out a shrill scream from its huge mouth. Yun Zhi’s attack had cleaved a disturbing crack on the layer of Amethyst protecting its back.

“Dammit, how dare you hurt my son. I will not let you off today!” At the moment when Yun Zhi attacked, an intense purple flame was thrown from the sky. The explosive and furious roar of the Amethyst Winged Lion reverberated throughout the sky.

“Hmm.” Yun Zhi coldly snorted and rotated her hand in front of her body. A violent green colored tornado suddenly appeared on the surface of her body. It spun fiercely, throwing aside the overwhelming purple flame that came charging at her.

The green wings behind Yun Zhi flapped as she hurriedly retreated while carrying the unconscious Xiao Yan with one hand. As she retreated, the strange longsword in her hand danced at an unusual angle. In a moment, the longsword suddenly trembled and a cold cry was emitted from moist red small lips, “Wind’s Peak , Killer Meteorite.”

Hearing Yun Zhi’s delicate cry, the Amethyst Winged Lion immediately let out a serious roar. Its body abruptly shot downwards and appeared in front of the young Amethyst Winged Lion in the blink of an eye. Its huge head shook, once again spreading a purple light all over the skyline.

When the Amethyst Winged Lion prepared to use its greatest attack to receive Yun Zhi’s attack, which had successfully smashed its horn before, Yun Zhi simply flapped her wings and quickly stored the longsword in her hand into her storage ring. She then turned around and made a few flashing leaps and disappeared into the horizon with Xiao Yan.

“Cunning human! I, the Amethyst Winged Lion, will never give up getting my revenge on you!” Seeing Yun Zhi suddenly escaping, the Amethyst Winged Lion finally realized that it was tricked. The purple light on its body slowly weakened while its angry roar continued to echo in the mountain range for a long time.

Ignoring the faint roar that vibrated through the air, Yun Zhi held Xiao Yan and continued to fly toward the exit of the Magic Beast Mountain Range like a comet. A while later, they exited the inner regions of the Magic Beast Mountain Range. Only then did she find a covert place to slowly descend.

After landing in a hidden area in the dense woods, Yun Zhi hurriedly removed Xiao Yan from her chest and placed him onto the ground. Her hand touched his body and she involuntarily uttered in a shocked voice, “Such an overwhelming energy. What exactly did this guy do?”

Lying on the cool ground, Xiao Yan’s entire body had turned black. He continued to pull at his clothes unconsciously. When he opened his mouth, he even released steam.

Seeing Xiao Yan who had shrunk his body together in pain, anxiety surfaced in Yun Zhi’s heart. She thought for a moment, clenched her teeth and suddenly appeared behind Xiao Yan’s back. She extended her hand and lightly pressed it onto the stove-like back of Xiao Yan.

Yun Zhi’s moist, small red lips slowly released a breath as she gradually closed her pretty eyes. The ocean-like surging Dou Qi in her abruptly flowed along her hand and hurriedly poured into Xiao Yan’s body.

Yun Zhi’s Dou Qi was naturally not something that the Dou Zhe Dou Qi in Xiao Yan could compare with. Under her control, the wind type Dou Qi that entered Xiao Yan’s body swiftly occupied all his Qi Paths. The pale yellow Dou Qi belonging to Xiao Yan was chased back into the vortex in his lower abdomen.

After she properly arranged the Dou Qi that originated from Xiao Yan, Yun Zhi turned her attention toward the purple colored energy that was seeping from around the internal body of Xiao Yan.

Faced with this kind of unknown, but overwhelming, energy, the powerful wind type Dou Qi was no longer so nice. Within the Qi Paths, the numerous threads of purple-colored energy continued to be banished by the wind-type energy.

Although the purple colored energy was very strong, it was helpless against the army of seemingly never ending wind-type Dou Qi. At that moment, it had become like a stray dog that continued to try to escape.

As it fled, there was some purple-colored energy that continuously mixed with Xiao Yan’s blood, flesh, and bones. Each time the purple-colored energy mixed with his blood and flesh, a pale purple spot would appear on that spot. Soon, Xiao Yan was full of these purple markings. Having no space left, the remaining purple-colored energy could only coalesce together to form a fist-sized purple-colored energy that shivered as it watched the wind-type Dou Qi surrounding it.

“Terrible little thing, it’s over…” Outside of the body, Yun Zhi, with her eyes tightly shut, suddenly said.

Following Yun Zhi’s words, the wind-type Dou Qi that surrounded the purple-colored energy suddenly pounced onto the latter.

Appearing to have felt the danger, this group of purple-colored energy suddenly vibrated violently. On its surface, a purple-colored flame began to rise, burning off some of the wind-type energy that was charging at it.

“It is indeed a little strange.” The transformation of the purple-colored energy did not cause Yun Zhi to be overly shocked. After a light sigh, the wind-type Dou Qi that was poured into Xiao Yan’s body suddenly turned into a green-colored storm. The storm spun at high speed and a moment later, pulled the group of purple colored flames into it. Instantly, the green colored storm became a whirlwind that alternated between green and purple colors.

The storm continued to spin at high speed as Yun Zhi controlled its strength and continued to remove the wildness in the purple-colored energy.

After being removed, the seed of wildness would be thrown out by the storm and swarmed by the army of wind-type Dou Qi outside that destroyed it almost instantly.

As the storm spun increasingly fast, the purple color within the green and purple mixture began to fade until it posed no threat. Suddenly, the storm ceased spinning and gradually disappeared.

After the storm disappeared, a pale, purple flame appeared in Xiao Yan’s body.

The purple colored flame this time around was visibly calmer than before. Its wild attacking characteristic was also slightly diminished. The thing that it was now was possibly a pure energy that people could absorb and refine.

Yun Zhi lightly sighed as she eyed the pale, purple flame. Her finger flicked on Xiao Yan’s back, blowing a shapeless ferocious wind through Xiao Yan’s body. Instantly, the pale, purple flame was blown toward the slow spinning vortex in Xiao Yan’s lower abdomen.

Under Yun Zhi’s gaze, the pale, purple flame quickly passed through a few Qi Paths before being shot into the interior of the vortex.

Almost immediately after the pale, purple flame entered the vortex, it prompted a huge movement. Not only did the spinning speed of the vortex suddenly become much faster, it also quickly expanded from its original size of around two palms.

Within the pale yellow vortex, a group of pale, purple flames continued to spin along with the former. When it spun, numerous threads of purple colored flames were split from it and changed into the most basic form of energy which was assimilated into the vortex.

The vortex continued to expand until it reached the size of a basketball and this size was the result of Yun Zhi suppressing from the outside. If she had not suppressed it, the vortex would likely continue to expand. It may be true that the size of the vortex represents the growth of one’s strength but the experienced Yun Zhi knew that if Xiao Yan was allowed to jump too many levels without any effort, it would be detrimental in the long-term.

Seeing that the vortex had ceased expanding, Yun Zhi, who had completed her task, began to withdraw the Dou Qi she had poured into Xiao Yan. Numerous threads of fire-type Dou Qi that were stronger than before began to flow from the vortex in Xiao Yan following the withdrawal of her Dou Qi. Finally, they began to orderly flow through all of Xiao Yan’s Qi Paths again.

With the removal of the energy causing trouble in his body, the outside appearance of Xiao Yan’s body also began to return to its normal color. His originally pained-filled face had also gradually calmed down while the curled up body of his also became relaxed and spread out.

Pulling Xiao Yan’s body with her hands, Yun Zhi gently placed him onto the grass-covered ground. She wiped off her perspiration and sat down beside him, taking a few gasps of air. She then tilted her head and watched the young man’s sleeping face. A long while later, she sighed again and shook her head. Reaching her hand out, she removed Xiao Yan’s storage ring and took out the Purple Spirit Crystal.

Gently holding the warm Purple Spirit Crystal, Yun Zhi whispered, “Thank you.”

Yun Zhi stood up with her teeth biting her red lips. Her gaze swept across her surroundings before she began to slowly remove her simple dress. A bright red color appeared on her face as she did so. Following a pull from her finger, an alluring body that appeared to have been carved out of a beautiful jade was revealed in the dense forest.

After elegantly taking off her clothes, Yun Zhi gently removed the blue-colored metal inner vest that had a strange light flowing on it. Once she did so, she hurriedly put on her clothes while wearing a shy expression.

Carrying the metal inner vest with both hands, Yun Zhi carefully folded it and placed it beside the sleeping Xiao Yan. In a soft voice, she muttered, “This Sea’s Core Vest was created from the strange metal created in the stomach of a Three Tailed Blue Whale, a rank six Sea Magic Beast. Its defensive strength is determined by its owner’s strength. Although your strength is only that of a Dou Zhe, even a Dou Shi’s attack cannot easily hurt you… You have helped me a couple of times, so consider this your reward.”

After properly placing the vest, Yun Zhi tilted her head and mused for a moment. She then took out two scrolls from her storage ring, placed them on the vest and said softly: “This is a scroll containing a High Xuan fire-attribute Qi Method and a Middle Xuan level Dou Technique. I hope that these will help you in the future.”

Once she securely placed the things, Yun Zhi stood beside Xiao Yan. Her pretty eyes felt an unknown feeling. She stared at the delicate and handsome young man’s face and a helpless bitter smile suddenly surfaced on her pretty face. “After training alone for so many years, I did not expect to… this young man…”

“Uh, we will meet again if we are destined to, little boy…” Sighning gently, Yun Zhi lowered her body and lightly pecked her lips on Xiao Yan’s forehead. The green wings behind her flapped and she gracefully swept into the sky.

On the grass surface, a faint fragrance remained but the beauty had already left...

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