Chapter 142: Absorbing the Purple Energy

Chapter 142: Absorbing the Purple Energy

Observing the miserably burnt body of Xiao Yan who she was holding to her chest, Yun Zhi’s pretty face changed. At the same time, the young Amethyst Winged Lion roared angrily and came dashing from the inner regions of the cave. However, when its gaze swept toward Yun Zhi, who was floating in midair, it hurriedly slammed its claw on the ground and slid for a short distance. The Magic Beast’s excellent sense of danger told him that the woman in front of it was not an existence it could offend.

Just as the young Amethyst Winged Lion was preparing to retreat, the icy-faced Yun Zhi swung the sword in her hand. An enormous green colored wind blade exploded from the tip of the sword and cut at the former’s body with lightning speed. Instantly, sparks spattered in all directions.

“Wu!” Having received a heavy blow, the young Amethyst Winged Lion let out a shrill scream from its huge mouth. Yun Zhi’s attack had cleaved a disturbing crack on the layer of Amethyst protecting its back.

“Dammit, how dare you hurt my son. I will not let you off today!” At the moment when Yun Zhi attacked, an intense purple flame was thrown...

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