Chapter 1418: Breakthrough!

Chapter 1418: Breakthrough!


Xiao Yan’s group rushed through the air. Hun Yu’s group was a couple thousand feet in front of them. They had not exhausted much Dou Qi with their powerful strength. While the others became crazy after being pushed into the ferocious beasts, they had rested. Thus, they were prepared to break through.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over Hun Yu’s group in front. After which, he glanced behind him. The group from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was a short distance behind. The man with the colorful pupils, called Jiu Feng, was leading them. The many Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe experts were guarding something behind him. Xiao Yan caught sight of Feng Qing Er in this group. At this moment, she had woken up. Although a red handprint remained on her face, she, at the very least, had retained her life.

Feng Qing Er lifted her head while Xiao Yan was observing the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe’s group. Her eyes clashed with Xiao Yan’s eyes as she grit her silver teeth. However, she held back this time around and did not dare to express the hatred...

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