Chapter 1417: Charging Against the Beast Tide

Chapter 1417: Charging Against the Beast Tide

“Everyone, the beast tide is in front. Now is the best time to attack. Since I suggested we form this alliance, the most dangerous front spot will be temporarily filled by my people, but once we are exhausted, we will pull back and it will be someone else’s turn.”

While Xiao Yan was quietly shocked because of the terrifying beast tide, Hun Yu’s voice had once again appeared. Many people quietly sighed in relief when they heard that he would take the most dangerous spot.

“Would these people be so kind?”

Xiao Yan shook his head and smiled when he heard Hun Yu’s words. He understood the Hall of Souls very well. Would someone from that faction be this impartial? It was a great joke.

“Everyone, prepare to attack!”

A warm smile continued to hang on Hun Yu’s face. His eyes slowly swept over the large group before pausing on Xiao Yan and Xun Er. Subsequently, he abruptly turned his body and charged forward. Over ten black-robed figures quickly followed behind him. The many experts quickly followed behind Hun Yu’s group. Their Dou Qi slowly spread from...

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