Chapter 1415: Meeting of Two Women

Chapter 1415: Meeting of Two Women

After Xiao Yan’s soft laughter rang out, a bright golden light suddenly erupted over the square like a golden sun.

Most people hurriedly narrowed their eyes because of this glaring golden light. They were unable to see a human figure where the golden light had appeared. The golden light had already filled one’s eyes.

Although they were unable to see anything, those people present on the square were not ordinary people. They were still able to sense the enormous Heaven Phoenix illusory figure in the sky with its extremely majestic energy. They then sensed it ruthlessly collide with the spot where Xiao Yan stood!


The entire square violently shook the moment the collision occurred. A powerful energy rippled along the ground and formed a circular shape, which suddenly spread apart. Some of the experts who were closer were forced to take a couple of steps back.

The wild and violent energy spread apart as everyone forcefully opened their eyes. Dust filled their sight, and they were unable to see the exact situation.

“Arrogant brat…”

Some of the experts shook their heads when they...

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