Chapter 1414: Show of Strength

Chapter 1414: Show of Strength

The icy-cold voice that suddenly sounded on the stone stage attracted some surprised gazes. The eyes of some people began to gloat when these eyes swept over Xiao Yan and Feng Qing Er…

“Xiao Yan ge-ge?”

The group from the Gu clan sitting in a corner of the stone stage also shifted their eyes over because of Feng Qing Er’s voice. That green-clothed young lady, who had been resting with her eyes shut, had opened them at this moment. Her pretty eyes locked onto the skinny young man who had stepped onto the stone stage. She was momentarily startled before some joy began to surge into her eyes.

“Ha ha, it looks like Xiao Yan has met with some trouble? It is unexpected that he has also formed a grudge with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.” A silver-robed man by the side smiled as spoke. This person was not unfamiliar. He was one of the four great generals of the Gu clan and had entered the Heavenly Tomb to train with Xiao Yan back then, Gu Hua.

Xun Er bunched her eyebrows together when she heard his words. Her...

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