Chapter 1413: Ancient Region Stage

Chapter 1413: Ancient Region Stage

A thunder-like roar turned into a sound wave and spread into the distance…

After this roar gradually disappeared, that golden figure in the sky swiftly began to shrink. The figure recovered his original form. His body moved as he turned into a golden light that rushed toward everyone while he laughed.

“Junior pavilion chief, congratulations.”

Elder Qing Cheng congratulated him with a smile when he saw the laughing Xiao Yan head over.

“It was a lucky breakthrough.”

Xiao Yan grinned and replied. He twisted his body. A feeling of being full of strength was emitted. He was much stronger compared to three days earlier. The peak of an eight star Dou Zun and the ninth star were merely a step away, but there was an enormous difference between them. Based on Xiao Yan’s estimation, if he were to completely unleash the King Kong Glass Body and the clan tattoo’s strength at the same time, his strength would be comparable to a four or five change peak Dou Zun. Moreover, if he were to include the Great Heaven Creation Palm and his other powerful Dou Skills, he...

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