Chapter 1411: Heaven Demon Blood Pool

Chapter 1411: Heaven Demon Blood Pool

The five-foot-large jade-green demon eye was imprinted into the huge eyes of the Ancient Heaven Demon Python. Wave after wave of a mysterious demonic force was emitted from the three rotating jade-green flowers, causing the murderous intent and violence in the Heaven Demon Python’s eyes to gradually fade…

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he saw the power of the demonic eye. Qing Lin’s Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils possessed an extremely powerful ability to control snake-formed Magical Beasts. However, he was uncertain whether Qing Lin’s current strength would be able to control this Ancient Heaven Demon Python. After all, its strength was equivalent to a five change peak Dou Zun.


This thought had just flashed within Xiao Yan’s heart when the eyes of the Heaven Demon Python, which had gradually grown dimmer, began to struggle. Its large body suddenly shook at the same time. Wave after wave of frightening black fog continued to spread from its body. It seemed to have detected Qing Lin’s intention...

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