Chapter 141: Time of life and death

Chapter 141: Time of life and death

A few mouthfuls caused the Amethyst Essence on the stone table to be licked cleanly off , Xiao Yan casually wiped off the dirt on the edge of his mouth. Turning his back, looking at Yao Lao’s stunned figure, he disdainfully snorted, “Wastage is really shameful!”

“Indeed…...really shameful.” Speechlessly nodding his head, Yao Lao dumbfoundedly shook his head then urged, “Go, quickly retreat! If not that little thing will return.”

“Mh.” Hearing Yao Lao’s reminder, Xiao Yan nodded his head quickly, his eyes once again reluctantly sweeping across the remnants of purple stains on the stone table and then turned over to rush out toward the entrance.

The wind attribute Dou Qi that Yun Zhi left in his body was fully activated at this moment. Xiao Yan’s speed was faster than he had ever been at before and when his legs moved, they even created blurry feeling.

After Xiao Yan sprang through the passage, he rushed toward the entrance of the cave without any hesitation.

However not long after exiting the passage, a furious roar came from his front. Right afterwards, the small savage Amethyst Winged Lion...

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