Chapter 141: Time of life and death

Chapter 141: Time of life and death

A few mouthfuls caused the Amethyst Essence on the stone table to be licked cleanly off , Xiao Yan casually wiped off the dirt on the edge of his mouth. Turning his back, looking at Yao Lao’s stunned figure, he disdainfully snorted, “Wastage is really shameful!”

“Indeed…...really shameful.” Speechlessly nodding his head, Yao Lao dumbfoundedly shook his head then urged, “Go, quickly retreat! If not that little thing will return.”

“Mh.” Hearing Yao Lao’s reminder, Xiao Yan nodded his head quickly, his eyes once again reluctantly sweeping across the remnants of purple stains on the stone table and then turned over to rush out toward the entrance.

The wind attribute Dou Qi that Yun Zhi left in his body was fully activated at this moment. Xiao Yan’s speed was faster than he had ever been at before and when his legs moved, they even created blurry feeling.

After Xiao Yan sprang through the passage, he rushed toward the entrance of the cave without any hesitation.

However not long after exiting the passage, a furious roar came from his front. Right afterwards, the small savage Amethyst Winged Lion appeared within Xiao Yan’s vision, glaring at him.

Looking at the Amethyst Winged Lion that suddenly rushed in, Xiao Yan’s face slightly changed. The speed which he was running at quickly dropped as his feet skidded across the ground for ten meters or so before steadily stopping. At this moment, the distance between Xiao Yan and the small Amethyst Winged Lion was only tens of meters.

Bitterly looking at the fellow that was almost half the size of the passageway, Xiao Yan groused out, “That diarrhea poison, why didn’t it just cause that beast to excrete to its death?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot again. The small Amethyst Winged Lion was born with the Amethyst Lion Birth Essence, so it can grasp the status of the latter at any time. Since you broke the Amethyst Crystal, I guess that must have alarmed it.” As Xiao Yan was worrying, Yao Lao’s apologetic voice that really deserved a thrashing, drifted out from the ring.

His mouth intensely twitching, Xiao Yan took a deep breath. As there was no time to bother with Yao Lao, Xiao Yan raised his head, edgily looking at this beast which was similar to a giant tyrant in his eyes.

A light purple color started to appear in the beastly eyes that were glowering at Xiao Yan. The layer of purple crystals which were thinner than that of its parent, started to glow and emit a purple radiance but luckily as this was still inside the cave and without the sun shining down, the small Amethyst Beast was unable to successfully call out the Purple Flame. Otherwise, Xiao Yan would really not have any chance to escape anymore.

“Houhou!” Stepping forward, the enormous energy in it’s paw caused the entire inner part of the cave to tremble. A few stray rocks that fell from the wall smashed around Xiao Yan’s legs.

Swallowing his saliva, Xiao Yan gripped his Heavy Xuan Ruler, exerted some strength and twirled it in his palms to place it inside his Storage Ring. Facing this rank 3 peak Magic Beast, Xiao Yan didn’t dare hold back any strength. Sometimes, it was that split second that meant the difference between life and death.

After the heavy ruler left his body, Xiao Yan felt lighter and more nimble while the Dou Qi within his body flowed much more naturally. After escaping the restraints, Xiao Yan’s whole body emitted limitless strength.

Lightly hopping, Xiao Yan finally calmed down from his earlier panicked state and began to look for a chance to escape.

The sharp claws lightly scraped across the ground, scratching out numerous small cracks on the hard ground. The small Amethyst Winged Lion stepped forward once again, its huge tail smashing on the ground fiercely. A giant rock was smashed into pieces and relying on the strength of the tail, the small Amethyst Winged Lion sprang forward for tens of meters, pouncing toward Xiao Yan furiously.

The huge figure left an oppressive shadow on the ground. Raising his head and looking at that mountain-like beast, Xiao Yan’s knees bent slightly, raising his palms and toward the roof of the passage, a fierce suction force surged out. His body flew straight upwards and like a lizard, he stuck to the rock wall.

Looking at the small Amethyst Winged Lion that just missed, Xiao Yan tightly grabbed the rock wall while keeping up his suction force. This resulted in his body hanging on the rock wall but that didn’t stop him as him madly climbed toward the exit of the cave.

After climbing a short distance, the small Amethyst Winged Lion turned it head and stared at the crawling Xiao Yan. Its giant mouth opened while its head shifted backwards and a moment later, purple flames shot toward Xiao Yan.

“Dammit!” Feeling the heat from the purple flames, Xiao Yan’s palms loosened and his body flipped and dropped toward the ground. His toes sprang from the stone wall and like an arrow that just left the bow, he crazily flew toward the exit of the cave.

Seeing the thief of its Amethyst Lion Birth Essence running away, the small Amethyst Winged Lion let out an angered roar. Its wings shook fiercely, extending inside the cave. Its paws sprang off the ground and its body floated forward as it started to chase the figure that was running ahead.

Inside the mountain cave, a man and a beast, one escaping, one chasing, it was the intense time of life and death.

Springing out a short distance again, a force shot from behind Xiao Yan causing him to urgently turn his body. A giant rock flew above his head, smashing against the rock wall heavily. It shattered, but a few cracks also appeared on the rock wall.

Looking at the strength that came from the rock, Xiao Yan took in a cold breath while his footsteps became more urgent.

But however fast Xiao Yan’s speed was, he was still unable to compete with the flight of the small Amethyst Winged Lion and after this chase continued for a few minutes, Xiao Yan finally began to feel the killing intent behind him get stronger. Obviously, the small lion had gradually shortened the distance.

Being forced into such a dangerous situation, on Xiao Yan’s palm was a continuous stream of jade bottle being taken out from the ring and without caring about what they were, they were desperately thrown backwards.

“Pingpingping…..” The smashing of the jade bottles cause a colorful cloud of powder to appear in the passage. However, this had little effect in obstructing the small Amethyst Winged Lion.

After running for another stretch of distance again, Xiao Yan strangely found that his body was getting hotter and hotter. Waves of heat were emitted from his Qi Paths, each strand endlessly integrating with his blood, bones and flesh.

“What’s going on?” The sudden change inside Xiao Yan’s body caused his heart to freeze for a moment. However, the current situation didn't allow him to stop and contemplate. The pure energy brought about by the heat inside his body caused Xiao Yan’s speed to explode and at the same time, allowed him to temporarily escape the lion’s mouth.

“Oh yeah, is this the Amethyst Essence I just swallowed?” While running, Xiao Yan suddenly wondered.

“Such rich energy……” Sighing in amazement, Xiao Yan’s face changed abruptly. The heat waves that were inside his body emerged more and more as he ran. At first, Xiao Yan was able to rely on his body to absorb the energy but as his body reached its limit, the heat waves inside his body still continued to increase. Finally, a purple color started to faintly appear on Xiao Yan’s skin.

“Dammit, it was just a few mouthfuls, need there be so much energy? No place to put it somewhere else?” Xiao Yan scolded. His body was starting to get scaldingly hot, giving rise to a little fear in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Ah!” The clothes on Xiao Yan’s body started to become really dry while red and purple colors flashed over his face. Opening his mouth and panting out hot air repeatedly, Xiao Yan looked like he was in h*ll.

“Hou!” Chasing at Xiao Yan’s back, as the small Amethyst Winged Lion saw the purple energy that was smoking off Xiao Yan’s body, the fury and rage in its beastly eyes increased tremendously. This had originally belonged to him, yet was now stolen by this stupid human.

Thinking about this, the small Amethyst Winged Lion let out a ferocious roar. Its paws fiercely stepped on the ground as the purple essence on its wings skyrocketed in amount, causing the beast’s speed to explode. Its huge head charged toward Xiao Yan’s back and looking at this situation, if it were to connect, it would be hard for Xiao Yan to escape the fate of his body exploding.

The insane force heading towards his back was detected by Xiao Yan. The red-purple faced him suddenly turned around and on both palms, purple Qi, faded yellow Dou Qi and green colored Dou Qi emerged at the same time.

Three kinds of energy gathered on Xiao Yan’s arm and were all barraged at the small Amethyst Winged Lion.

“Bang!” A huge roar rang through the cave passage, shaking a few stray rocks.

“Puchi!” The enormous energy from the arm caused Xiao Yan’s body to fly out instantly. A mouth of fresh blood was also spat out, wetting his clothes.

Although Xiao Yan was quite pitiful, due to the explosion from several of his energies, the savage small Amethyst Winged Lion was blasted midair and spinned several rounds, before heavily landing on the rock wall. Lines of cracks started to spread out behind its back.

Urgently retreating, Xiao Yan, with the aid of the rock pillar, finally stopped. However, before he could wipe the blood off his lips, he saw the savage small Amethyst Winged Lion that once again pounced forward and he turned around to start to flee.

Ignoring the constant roars behind him, the purple heat waves inside Xiao Yan’s body started to abate a little, following the release earlier. Borrowing the massive energy from this strange thing, Xiao Yan desperately fled toward the cave mouth that he could finally see.

“Hou!” Behind his back, a heat wave neared, causing the clothes on Xiao Yan’s back to burn to ashes. A constant stream of flames also left a wound on Xiao Yan’s back.

Biting his teeth and bearing through the pain, Xiao Yan desperately ran with reddened eyes. At this moment, stopping for a moment meant death!

The white light from the entrance started to become brighter and brighter; Xiao Yan was even able to hear the roars of the beasts from outside. His feet once again stepping down, his body flew out. A final fierce step on the rock wall caused his body to fly out from the cave.

Rushing out from the cave, the strong sunlight caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to sting. As he forced his body to turn mid air, his face was filled with sudden realization. While he was about to reach the ground, the two rank 3 Magic Beasts that were guarding the outer perimeters of the cave were exposing their savage huge mouths toward him.

Staring at the extremely close stenchful huge mouth, Xiao Yan despaired. With his whole body being weak, he was unable to muster up any strength to turn the tables anymore.

As he closed his eyes and waited for death, two bitterly cold sword Qis furiously shot down from the skies, slicing apart the two fierce Magic Beasts. As Xiao Yan’s eyes opened once more, his body fell amidst a soft and fragrant place.

Blearily opening his eyes, all Xiao Yan saw was an anxious beautiful face.

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