Chapter 1408: Killing The Profound Sky Sect

Chapter 1408: Killing The Profound Sky Sect

“Expert, may I know who you are? This is a matter between my Profound Sky Sect and the Flower Sect. Are you really intending on intervening?” Liu Cang’s eyes were dark and dense as he glared at the golden giant standing in front of Yun Yun. He inquired in a deep voice.

The Dou Qi within Liu Cang’s body was quietly circulated while he spoke. With one glance, it was obvious that this person had come with ill-intent. He needed to be careful.

That seventy-foot-tall golden human figure merely laughed at Liu Cang. The figure did not even give Liu Cang a reply. The giant’s feet ruthlessly kicked Yaohua Liangjun’s corpse in front of him. That terrifying strength caused the body of Yaohua Liangjun to ruthlessly shoot toward Liu Cang like a cannonball.

“You are seeking death!”

Liu Cang’s expression became gloomy when he saw the golden figure attack. His hand grabbed at the space in front of him. Yaohua Liangjun’s corpse emitted a ‘bang’ and exploded into clusters of bloody fogs.

“Today, this chief shall see just where...

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