Chapter 1407: Encountering Yun Yun Again

Chapter 1407: Encountering Yun Yun Again

With lightning-like speed, a couple of figures rushed through the air above a mountain range permeated with an ancient aura. There was also a trace of misery vaguely present.

“Teacher, those fellows have definitely locked onto us…”

A pretty figure gently pressed against a tree branch. The figure rushed out as her pretty eyes glanced behind her. A worried expression filled those eyes. She turned her head and revealed a familiar pretty face. She was surprisingly Nalan Yanran.

It was likely that no one else other than Yun Yun would be addressed as teacher by Nalan Yanran. If one were to turn one’s head to the side, there was a woman in a white dress beside Nalan Yanran. The woman’s dress flapped with the wind as she flew. She emitted a noble appearance that was difficult to describe. Her pristine face caused the mountains to become a lot more beautiful.

Who else could this appearance belong to other than Yun Yun, who had become the chief of the Flower Sect.

“These bastards from the Profound Sky Sect actually launched a sneak attack while we were fighting with a ferocious beast,...

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