Chapter 1406: Venturing Deeper

Chapter 1406: Venturing Deeper

Miserable sharp screams continued to echo through the forest, which was saturated by a poison fog. These screams caused the forest to appear extremely sinister.


The rushing sound of wind suddenly appeared within the dense poison fog. Some light from a flame vaguely cast a shadow. The surrounding poison fog seemed to be scared when the cluster of fire appeared. The poison fog withdrew on its own accord, forming a clear path.

“It seems that these poisonous worms are quite afraid of the Heavenly Flame.” The Little Fairy Doctor examined the path that had formed in front of them. She spoke with a smile.

“Most poisonous worms are Yin and chilly in nature. A Heavenly Flame is a strong Yang with a natural heat. The worms are naturally afraid of it.” Xiao Yan smiled. He turned his head and looked ahead.

“The Ancient Wasteland Region lives up to its reputation…” Xiao Yan softly sighed in his heart once again. This was only the outer region. He did not know what kind of obstructions he would meet once he headed deeper.

“The poison fog is gradually thinning....

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