Chapter 1403: Practicing the King Kong Glass Body

Chapter 1403: Practicing the King Kong Glass Body

Xiao Yan’s group did not continue to remain after making up their minds. They immediately moved and hurried back to the Falling Star Pavilion. After returning to the pavilion, the group rested for two days. Information related to the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree began to sweep across the Central Plains with a frightening storm-like speed during these two days.

With the simple name, Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, the entire Central Plains had undoubtedly turned into a mess at this moment. Even the old demons who lived in seclusion had appeared because of this earth-shaking news.

Although the Ancient Wasteland Region was quite dangerous, the danger merely existed because there was insufficient allure. This time around, the allure of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was something that no one could resist. Hence, this so-called forbidden ground no longer deterred anyone. The Dou Sheng class represented the peak level across the continent. A countless number of people had fought their entire lives in order to reach this legendary level. As long...

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