Chapter 1402: Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint

Chapter 1402: Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint

This unexpected change had occurred too suddenly. Even though Yao Lao was close to Xiao Yan, he was unable to react in time. Hence, he only came to a sudden realization after the light had shot between Xiao Yan’s brows. His expression drastically changed.

Cai Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor reacted after Yao Lao. Their pretty faces turned pale because of their shock. This ancient map was too mysterious. No one knew whether that thing was good or bad.

Being the main character involved in the sudden change, Xiao Yan was startled when the unusual light shot between his brows, but he immediately recovered. His eyes were shut as he controlled his Spiritual Strength and wildly scanned the spot between his brows. As he scanned it, he quickly discovered that there was a cluster of fist-sized light suspended beneath his brows…

Xiao Yan was extremely certain that this light cluster was not something that belonged to him. Moreover, he had never sensed the existence of this thing in the past. Clearly, this thing was the mysterious object that had just shot from...

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