Chapter 1396: Information

Chapter 1396: Information

Old man Bao Shan smiled when he saw the completely silent hall. He was clearly aware of the allure of the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame. Hence, he had left the map fragment as the second to last item before taking it out.

Many fiery hot pairs of eyes within the large hall were staring at the map fragment. Those present were not ordinary people. Even the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame was a legendary thing to them. They had only heard of it and had never truly seen it. Of course, this did not hinder anyone from coveting it. Anything powerful would ultimately attract countless pairs of greedy eyes regardless of the danger involved.

Although this map fragment was not the true Purifying Demon Lotus Flame, one would be able to obtain some information related to the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame by obtaining it. If they could obtain it, the benefits could be described as endless.

“Ha ha, the owner of this map fragment wishes to exchange it for some medicinal pills. Of course, the quality of the medicinal pills must be at least a six-colored Pill Lightning. As for the quantity, that will depend on everyone…”...

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