Chapter 1395: The Last Map Fragment

Chapter 1395: The Last Map Fragment

“Next, we will begin auctioning the first object of this spatial trade fair…”

Old man Bao Shan’s hand rubbed the empty space in front of him from within his distorted spatial wall. A pair of dense-white bone wings appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The faint sound of wind lightning was emitted from the ancient wings.

“Demon Phoenix wings?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this pair of familiar bone wings. His expression immediately became a little strange. He had always heard that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe greatly valued the corpses and bloodline of their tribe members. Anyone who dared to take a corpse would be surrounded and attacked by the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Hence, he had always been afraid about revealing the Heaven Phoenix Wings on him. Unexpectedly, the first item to be sold in this spatial trade fair were these wings.

“Hee, looks like the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe has met with many sneak attacks, but it is expected. The Heaven Demon Phoenix’s body is full of treasures. It is not strange for someone to target them…” Xiao Yan gloated within...

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