Chapter 1394: Ancient Hall

Chapter 1394: Ancient Hall

Space Town was not very large. It was only comprised of a couple of intersecting ancient streets, and there were many people in this small town. Moreover, all of them were extremely powerful individuals. They were all top tier experts in the outside world while they were simply common and ordinary here.

Xiao Yan and the two others followed Yao Lao as they wandered across a couple of ancient streets. They did not stop along the way because of the dazzling items on both sides. They hurried to their destination before finally stopping at the end of a street.

Their destination was on the edge of Space Town. The surroundings had become quite empty, and it was no longer as noisy as before. An ancient building stood at this spot as an extremely old feeling spread from it. It was as though it had been standing there forever, causing one to be afraid of slighting it.

There were two expressionless old men...

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