Chapter 1393: Eight Coloured Origin Stone

Chapter 1393: Eight Coloured Origin Stone

Yao Lao smiled upon seeing the stunned expressions of Xiao Yan’s trio. He waved his hand and said, “Let’s enter…”

Xiao Yan and the other two nodded when they heard Yao Lao’s suggestion. Their bodies moved, and they rushed toward the towering sand mountain. They had appeared in front of the spatial black hole within a couple of flashes. There were occasionally some figures rushing by when the four of them arrived. Their eyes paused on Xiao Yan’s group before taking a second glance at Cai Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor. Those who could come to this place were no fools. They were clearly aware of the type of people who would come. Hence, rarely would any foolish people purposefully step forward and find trouble.

Yao Lao ignored these gazes. He stepped through empty air and walked into the spatial black hole. Xiao Yan’s group followed close behind. The three of them felt an unusual strength sweeping over them when they entered the spatial black hole. There was no ill intention to this force. Instead, it seemed like it was probing…

Everything turned momentarily black in front of...

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