Chapter 1391: Returning to the Falling Star Pavilion

Chapter 1391: Returning to the Falling Star Pavilion

The wormhole that was connected to the Falling Star Pavilion was located in the deepest part of the Yan Alliance, protected by an extremely tight defense. Xiao Yan did not make this wormhole known to the public. Although the fees collected from those using the wormhole would be quite a fat sum, Xiao Yan felt that it was better to keep a low profile when it came to such things. Otherwise, it might stir some unnecessary trouble since there was only one wormhole that lead to the Central Plains from deep within the north-western part of the continent. It would cause many to feel jealous if word were to spread.

A dark-black wormhole was suspended in the air within an incomparably large hall. It was slowly rotating while waves of shocking spatial fluctuations were emitted from the wormhole.

“Is this a wormhole…”

The eyes of Cai Lin’s group were a little stunned and curious as they observed this wormhole. This was their first time seeing a wormhole. Such a thing was rarely seen in a place like...

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